This Android Market app (Finance) can be used to keep track of your personal expenses compared to  
a set budget.
This is the main tab of My Economy. Here you can add an expense by writing the amount, choose a date, adding some extra information and a category and then press the button "Add Expense". 

If GPS is enabled or if the Mobile Network provides your location then by checking "Add Location" the location is saved for this expense. In the "Expenses" tab you can start "Google Maps" to show the location of this expense.

When an expense have been added a short summary is provided in the bottom part of the screen. There the total expense of the choosen category is shown under "Month:". The current budget of the choosen category is also shown and also how much  more can be spent in this category this month under "Difference". "Difference" is green when the month expenses has not summed up to the budget, it will be red when the budget has been overdrawn.

Budget Tab

This is the budget tab. Here you can set the budget sums and also see how much have been spent each month in the different categories. Green values are shown when the budget has not been overdrawn. 

Change budget values and then press the "Save" button.

The month shown can be changed using the "<" and the ">" buttons.

Budget values are set per year.

There is a new graph view of the budget and related expenses. Select Graph overview in the menu.

Expenses Tab

This tab shows the expenses made for a certain month. Press the expense to delete or edit an expense. If a location was saved with this expense then you have the option to start "Google Maps" to show the location.

To change the time period shown just press the button in the bottom of the screen. It is also possible to select the date shown by pressing the date.

Instead of pressing the "<" and the ">" button it's possible to use a gesture. That is to use the finger and drag from left to right to go to the next month. Showing previous month by going from right to left.

To search for one or more expenses select "Search Expenses" from the menu.

Expense actions

Then press "Edit" to edit this event. In the next step it's possible to delete this expense. If a location was saved with this expense then pressing "Google Maps" will open google maps at that location.

Edit expense

Press the "Save" button to change this expense.

Settings Tab

In this tab you can change the category name. Categories shown above are the default categories.


The exit this application press the "Menu" button and then choose "Quit".

There is also a possibilty to "Export to SDCard". This will create a csv (comma separated file)  on the SDCard root directory.
Another possibility is to "Import from SDCard".

Import from csv file

Select a csv file to import from. The format of this file should be same as an Exported csv file from this application.

Export to csv file

The exported file could for example be uploaded to Google docs. If GPS positions have been added to the expenses then it's easy to create a Google Map showing all these expenses on a map.

Open the speadsheet and select from the "Insert" menu the option "Gadget". Select Maps, then under Map select "Add to spreadsheet".

Set Range to include the Latitude, Longitude and Tooltip columns. For the example below select 'Sheet 1'!D23:F28 and also check the "Last column as tooltips".

To help selecting the Range, you could select the columns and Rows that belong to "Latitude", "Longitude" and "Tooltip" before adding the Map gadget.

See example below:

Backup and Restore

From the menu choose "Handle backups" to open the backup and restore window.

To make a backup just press the "Backup" button. A backup will be created on the SD card. To restore a backup select a backup in the list and press the "Restore" button.

To delete a backup select one or more backups in the list and then press the "Delete" button.

The version number is increased every time something is saved.